We devote our expertise to these types of cases

Family-Based Immigration

  • Adjustment of Status Packet Filings
  • Consular Processing at US Consulates
  • Affidavit of Support & Public Charge Issues
  • Removal of Conditions on Permanent Residence

US Naturalization

  • US Citizenship Screening and Application Filings

  • Passport Application Services

Asylum Law

  • Advocacy for LGBTQ Immigrants Seeking Protection and Related Issues

  • Advocacy for Immigrants Living with HIV and Related Issues

Determining Eligibility for Your Immigration Case

After a thorough case assessment, we will go over each element of the case with you to confirm eligibility and to spot any red-flag issues that may affect your case. 

The aim is to over-prepare, not under prepare so that we avoid unnecessary delays and avoid any adverse surprises.

Demonstrating the "Bona Fides" of Your Case

Effective September 2018, all cases must be supplemented with sufficient evidence to reach adjudication in your favor; otherwise you risk the possibility of receiving a denial outright for lack of evidence.

With an administration that is actively seeking any means to cut down on legal immigration, we take great pains to ensure that we cover each element to the satisfaction of the agency processing your case. 

Planning Your Relocation to the United States

Many of our clients have different needs and timetables in mind before filing their cases with Immigration. Some are ready to relocate faster than others; some need time to close accounts, transfer jobs, or dispose of personal properties.

Whatever your needs (with careful planning), we can help you reach your stated goals so that your transition into your new US status runs smoothly.

Prepping You for Your Interview at USCIS or US Consulate

Before you appear for your immigration interview, we will provide the necessary prep sessions to ensure that you are aware of the procedures that you will encounter. 

We know that for many of you, this is the first and only time you want to appear at Immigration and our aim is to get you prepared for your big day so that you are empowered when approaching immigration.

And for clients who live in NYC, one of the partners will accompany you to your interview.

Common Concerns

  • Do I need a financial sponsor? A Joint Sponsor? And what are the obligations of a sponsor?
  • How long does a case last for adjustment of status in NYC, in LA, in Miami?
  • How long must I wait for my spouse or parent to get their immigrant visas from a US consulate?
  • How long must I wait for my Priority Date to become current?

We will cover these questions and more until you clearly understand your case and the process.

Seeking Refuge in the US

We have successfully advocated for members of the LGBTQ community before the Asylum Offices and before the Executive Office for Immigration Review (Immigration Court).

We know that for many of you, seeking asylum is the measure of last resort. You simply cannot return to your countries because returning will result in persecution or a return where you must conceal your sexual orientation and identity everyday.

We know what you have gone through, what you are going through, and what you want to achieve (your safety). We are here for you and will proudly fight for your case.