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Check Entry/Exit Records with Customs and Border Protection

Whether you enter as an H-1B, TN, or Permanent Resident, clients should regularly check entry and exit records to ensure that Immigration holds correct admission records on you. With the introduction of facial recognition technology at the airports, passport stamps will be phased out eventually.

Retrieve I-94 or Travel History

Report a Change of Address with USCIS

Most non-US citizens must report a change of address within 10 days of moving within the United States or its territories. Please visit the USCIS website to comply with the requirement.

File Your Form AR-11

Obtain Tax Records from the IRS

The IRS makes various types of tax records available by request. These transcripts can be helpful in both the adjustment and naturalization process. To request your tax records, please visit the IRS to learn how to obtain your copy.

Get IRS Tax Records

Check the Visa Bulletin at the Department of State

Many clients have a priority date that they are waiting to become current (employment- or family-based). Although we monitor the visa bulletin monthly, many of our clients eagerly track it themselves as well. Please visit the Department of State's website for the Visa Bulletin.

Check Visa Bulletin

Check Case Status and Processing Timetables at the USCIS

The filing location and the type of form you have pending with USCIS will determine the amount of time you must wait before the next steps of your case will occur. We check this often and reach out to USCIS if and when a case may seem to lag behind. You may also check out the USCIS website to find your case type/wait times.

Case Status Online

Know about AILA on Your Side

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